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Best Use of Facebook For Online Agent Advisor Recruitment

Objective of the Campaign

Challenges and Objectives:

  • Can we tap the power of Digital Channels for Recruitment of Insurance Agent Advisors Online?
  • Augment Area Development Managers’ reach by targeting untapped ‘high potential’ users
  • Minimize ADM’s prospecting efforts by passing ‘Warm & Engaged’ prospects to them
  • Intent based prospecting – Reach out to users who ‘Want’ to be an Agent Advisor instead of users who ‘Can’ – pushing highly relevant prospect in the Agent Advisor recruitment cycle

Campaign/Project End Result

  • 35K Total Leads Generated
  • 50% Reduction in CPL
  • 45% Conversion on Leads

Overall Strategy

Overcoming the challenges faced when using other Digital channels – Email was not effective due to lack of targeted profiles, Display was expensive, nobody was searching to become an Insurance Agent Advisor Hence Search Marketing was not at all useful

Facebook was identified as the most effective channel to target specific categories

  • Housewives
  • Retired People
  • Self Employed People

Social Media gave the power to source data for specific profiles in a very cost effective manner, enabling delivery of highly qualified, eligibility confirmed leads to the advertiser for further steps in the funnel

Creative Strategy

  • Customised Landing Page was created for the client
  • Precise communication
  • Positioning the opportunity as an alternate, flexible career opportunity, touching upon 3 aspects for high engagement –
  • Financial – ‘Earn More, Save More’
  • Aspirational – ‘Add to your Household Earnings’
  • Social Recognition – ‘Put your experience to use and earn Rewards & Recognition’
  • Constant monitoring of Creative Relevance Score and creative refresh as soon as a drop noticed

Innovation that drive Effectiveness / ROI Creative Tags/Snippets & other details*

  • Lead generation through Facebook – In Lead and Website Conversion formats were used to target the right audience. Precise audience targeting + effective creatives = Right Leads
  • Special landing pages created with OTP verification for better data
  • Effective and direct communication was the key. Touched upon 3 aspects to create engagement with the right audience – Financial, Social & Aspirational. Creative Relevance Score kept under constant check and creatives refreshed as soon as score started dipping
  • In house processing (calling) of leads to get real time feedback on lead quality
  • Continuous optimization to improve funnel input


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