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Bringing Media + Call Center Together to Drive Last Mile Performance

Challenges and objectives

  • Call center and paid media were treated as two different divisions. This caused a lot of inefficiencies thereby creating friction between the two divisions
  • Only two digital channels were used to deliver leads without any optimization process
  • For incremental growth – a real-time connect between the call center and media channels was required
  • Amalgamation of call center and media to drive efficiency.
  • Maximize conversions and reduce cost of acquisition across platform
  • Automate the user journey using technology smarts

Agency Strategy

  • Integrated approach of media + call center: Call center and media brought under one roof to remove inefficiencies and improve performance
  • Dynamic creative optimization: Real time creative optimization done at a publisher level to enhance the conversion rates and improve lead quality
  • Separate landing page: A/B testing done using multiple landing pages in order to optimize lead quality
  • Real time monitoring of sales funnel
  • Re-marketing strategy deployed for the positive lead disposition

Campaign Execution

  • Landing page optimization: A/B testing done on different landing pages to monitor performance
  • Creative Implementation: Unique creative strategy used for each media channel. Separate Landing Pages were made for Different Campaigns
  • Bringing Tele-Assist together: Columbus integrated media and call center together to remove inefficiencies and create a single funnel for new user acquisition
  • Dashboards & Reporting: Customized dashboard was used with real time integration. The dashboard gives information about which publisher, creative, subject lines, etc. are working
  • Supply Categorization: Classification of publishers & creatives on Green, Amber & Red to define next steps. Green being retained for future, yellow being observed for quality and red being stopped immediately. Subject wise tracking of creatives to understand which subject line is working better
  • Tech Smarts – AI Chatbot was used to generate inquiries from alternate channels which resulted in a higher conversion rate compared to using a landing page

Campaign Innovation

  • Mystery shopping and surprise checks of contact center were implemented to improve customer engagement
  • HTML/Text creatives were revised on fortnightly basis
  • Landing Page was optimized by making it completely quarantined with no external links
  • The entire flow was automated with feedback coming within a day from the call centre and mapped for optimization.
  • 1st time solution for the client, as feedback in previous campaigns was not happening within a day. The automation to map it to publishers, creatives and other parameters for optimization on real time basis made it even more unique


  • Conversions from lead to policies sold grew 3x during the span of the campaign
  • Clients return on Ad Spends increased by 400%
  • Contribution to sales bucket increased from 0 to 50%
  • Overall COA improved by 60%
  • Awarded the fastest growing digital Channel by client for 2018
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