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Is your business ready for the GDPR?

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island with no internet access, you’ll be aware of the ever increasing discussions on privacy and data security; largely fuelled by the looming deadline set by the European Union to become fully compliant with the GDPR by May 25, 2018. So, what is the GDPR? How will it […]

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The rise of influencer marketing Influencer Marketing has cemented itself as a vehicle for accelerating consumers through the marketing funnel, from awareness to intent and to purchase. More and more brands are recognising the value of these partnerships as reports increasingly demonstrate impressive ROI. A 2016 Tapinfluence and Nielsen study reported ROI figures in the region of […]

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Is monogamy the best solution when choosing your brand’s advertising and marketing technology partners?

It’s no secret that marketing and advertising technologies are colliding. Sparked by recent M&A activity and an abundance of new technology providers entering the Australian market, marketers now face the difficult task of analysing an ever-increasing landscape of technology providers to find the perfect partner (almost like The Bachelor). Not only does the chosen partner/s […]

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You might be more biased than you think…

At Columbus, we’re actively pursuing a culture of diversity, not only across gender but background, age and thought. We support various initiatives in the industry that help to educate our team on the issues as well as ways to help tackle them head on. When Google announced the launch of their She Leads program, we […]

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