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Chasing The Holy Grail in Digital Marketing

Objective of the Campaign

A leading life insurance company in India was looking for alternate digital channels to drive efficiencies and aligning media and call centre together as these were earlier run by 2 separate teams and real time date sharing was lacking causing inefficiencies upwards of 40%.


  • Digital channels other than Google and Web Brokers were not working – there were issues with Quality, Quantity and Consistency
  • Media and Call Center functions were not aligned properly creating inefficiencies, tech issues and delayed feedback


  • Finding alternate digital channels for sourcing
  • Removing inefficiencies between call centre and media
  • Creating and end to end system for delivering better advertiser ROI by reducing the Cost of Acquisition

 Campaign/Project End Result

  • Columbus is now the 2nd largest digital partner for the brand
  • Lead to Policy sold conversion rate grew by 4X
  • 6% Contribution by Columbus to total sales
  • The client saw 300% increase in return on Ad Spends

 Overall Strategy

Columbus 3 pillar framework was deployed:

  • Creating great digital assets – For better prospecting
  • Optimizing supply – Identification of good and bad sources, with corrective action
  • Deploying technology solutions – Implementing technology to further strengthen and grow the process.

 Creative Strategy

Columbus Tele-Assis model deployed where Lead sourcing and Calling was brought under one umbrella.

  1. Creating great digital assets – Fresh, mobile intuitive landing pages created with OTP verification deployed
  2. Landing Page
    • Vanity domain: https://www.maxlifeinsurance.online/
    • Mobile intuitive page was created with faster load times and excellent visual appeal for easy sign up and more leads
    • 100% control with own tracking code and technology
  3. Creatives
    • 1000+ combinations derived with multiple publishers, creatives & subject lines
    • Creative & subject line closely tracked for campaign fine tuning to get the best performance. Combinations changed basis performance
  4. Aligning Components
    • OTP Implementation on Landing Page – for good quality leads and better contactability
    • API for bringing leads into CRM – Leads were fetched into CRM on a real time basis for immediate calling
    • Real time calling led to better connectivity. Attention was given to freshness of leads and hence the user response was great
    • Mystery shopping and surprise checks were implemented to ensure no gaps and all components functioning properly
    • Continuous audit of Media & Call Center to capture feedback quickly and improve the media mix
  5. Bring Tele-Assist Together
  • Landing page creation & hosting, lead management, call center – all managed in one place to ensure smooth functioning of the process and fast response time
  1. Dashboards & Reporting
    • Customised dashboard was created for to give information on performance of creatives, subject lines and publishers and conversions
  2. Optimizing supply
  3. Supply Categorization
    • Publishers were categorized in three buckets basis performance of leads
      • Green – Continue
      • Yellow – Observe
      • Red – Stop
  4. Bucketing Algorithm
  • Leads were categorized into Positive & Negative buckets basis call disposition
  • Follow ups were done basis this bucketing
  1. Expanding Reach
  • Integration done with new type of publishers (Form based Emailers) and high traffic platforms (Railyatri) for enhancing lead quality & quantity

Innovation that drive Effectiveness / ROI Creative Tags/Snippets & other details*

Columbus Tele-Assis model deployed where Lead sourcing and Calling was brought under one umbrella

  1. Tech Smarts
  • Artificial Intelligence based chatbot was launched to improve prospecting and making it more engaging and interactive, providing premium quote in the prospecting journey itself
  1. Re-engagement
  • Users who dropped off during various stages of the funnel were re-engaged with a new Click to Lead method, where Click = Lead.
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