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Building Alternate Performance Digital Channel for a leading life insurance company

A leading life insurance company in India had been using multiple digital media channels for acquiring new customers however, were unable to make the Affiliate channel work for them. Columbus helped set-up their affiliate channel & increased the conversions rates (enquiries to policies sold) by 5X vis-avis the past benchmark. This was done by leveraging the Columbus performance framework and integrating it with client’s call centre.

Challenges and objectives

A leading life insurance company in India has been using multiple digital media channels for acquiring new customers.

  • The digital channels outside Google, Facebook and web brokers were not generating incremental lead volumes for the client
  • For incremental growth – solutions beyond search & social were needed

Agency Strategy

  1. Email marketing as a channel was identified and adopted to increase the volume of enquiries.


  1. Creative & Digital Assets
  • Graphic HTML/text creative were used for emailers
  • Implemented Subject line tracking
  • Better performing message keywords were used
  • Subject lines/creative were changed on regular basis
  • Email creatives were optimized based on performance on a daily basis


  1. Call Center
  • Source of traffic were mapped with tele calling executives to understand the floor sentiment and based on the feedback traffic optimization was done
  • The leads were shared with dialer on real time to ensure customer received immediate assistance
  • The dialer methods majorly used in the campaigns were predictive, manual, and progressive


  1. Actions
  • Continuous AB testing done with different publishers, creatives and subject lines
  • Real time dashboard created
  • The entire flow was automated with feedback coming within a day from the call center (1st of its kind with the advertiser)


Campaign Execution

  • 24 Different types of creatives with 43 subject lines, giving a total combination of 1032 were used and monitored
  • Emailers promoted through various publisher directing the consumer to the landing page were designed by us. Multiple combinations of creatives were tried out with various publishers, to get to most optimum publisher – creative combinations
  • OTP implemented on landing Page with an intuitive Mobile first Design philosophy and seamless user experience
  • API layer was built for porting Social Media leads into the Call Center CRM
  • Real time integration of enquiries with call center helped in increasing connectivity of enquiries
  • Continuous audit of data Between the media buying and the call center team ensured quality leads
  • The feedback was auto updated on the dashboard once a day to analyze the performance of the campaign and if necessary take immediate steps to optimize the campaign

Campaign Innovation

  1. Mystery shopping and surprise checks of contact center were implemented to improve customer engagement
  2. HTML/Text creatives were revised on fortnightly basis
  3. Landing Page was optimized by making it completely quarantined with no external links
  4. The entire flow was automated with feedback coming within a day from the call centre and mapped for optimization.
  5. 1st time solution for the client, as feedback in previous campaigns was not happening within a day. The automation to map it to publishers, creatives and other parameters for optimization on real time basis made it even more unique



  • Conversions from lead to policies sold grew 5x during the span of the campaign
  • Client’s return on Ad Spends increased by 300%
  • Client’s alternate digital channel campaign contribution increased to 20% of overall digital acquisitions
  • Contribution to sales bucket increased from 0 to 70%
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