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Driving Awareness and Engagement for PBL Season 4

Objectives of the campaign

The Premier Badminton League (PBL) is one of the top badminton leagues in the world. Despite being it in its 4th season PBL was facing low awareness and footfall.

Challenges and Objectives:

  • Low engagement about PBL on social handle in India
  • Increase the Twitter follower by 2 folds
  • Increase the Facebook follower base 50% from existing 1 MN

Campaign Results

  • 620 MN eyeballs reached across platforms
  • 103 MN unique users reached
  • 7 MN video views generated for the sport within 4 weeks
  • 1722+K additional social media followers generated within 4 weeks, more than 63% increase over current levels
  • 53% increase in footfalls and 20% increase in TV viewership
  • Trended on Twitter for 3 days (for 3.5 hrs each day) during match hours
  • Facebook Messenger reached 6500+ users who interacted through 16K+ messages

State the overall strategy of the campaign

To get Indian users to engage with PBL and create impact we deployed RISE framework.

  1. Relevant – To identify the target audience and make the media plan that addresses the TG with maximum precision
  2. Innovative – Identifying innovative solutions to target right set of people and drive engagement for the league
  3. Sharp – To address out TG at the right time, right place with the right message
  4. Engaging – To plan the communication in a manner that would best engage the audience with the league


  • Dovetailed media strategy in line with a survey that identified our TG as: 20-45 years old, 60% males and predominantly on mobile
  • “Knock – knock” videos were promoted which created a viral effect with a view rate of 94.06%
  • Influencer marketing used to create buzz on social media. This helped increase Social Media followers very significantly
  • Matches between ace players such as Sindhu & Saina, Sindhu & Marin were show cased and were promoted aggressively. These had the best CTRs and engagement
  • Digital radio promotion yielded a reach of 1.8 MN


  • Ran Audience & data targeted campaigns before match days on social media platforms to increase ticket sales
  • Geo-targeted SMS campaign (with online ticket sales link) executed during match days. Achieved 61% more footfalls over last year
  • Video creative with “knock-knock” concept were developed and deployed which yielded 94.06% view rate
  • Deployed messenger for the first time on Facebook page
  • Google search campaign used to reach sports enthusiasts through interest and affinity based targeting
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