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Driving results through Email Marketing Strategy

Background of the Campaign

The client is one of the leading private life insurance companies of India. They have been using multiple channels for acquiring customers, digital being one of them. On Digital, client was using two major channels Search and Social. The idea behind the campaign was to set up a new feasible digital channel for the client, which would give them an incremental growth and eventually work towards bringing down the cost per acquisition. Columbus set-up the first of its kind integrated performance campaign for a Life Insurance company to solve the customer problem.

Challenges and Objective:

  • Increasing Demand for User Inquiries
  • Need to explore beyond Search & Social
  • Earlier Email channel experience plagued with Quality, Quantity & Consistency issues

 Campaign/Project End Result

  •  150K + Enquiries Generated
  • Email contributed to 6% of overall acquisitions

 Overall Strategy

 The strategy was to use the potential of email marketing to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for user enquiries and support this by harnessing the power of strong communication to urge recipient to engage.

5 stage work flow was implemented:

  • Effective creatives
  • Super user experience
  • Smart buying strategy
  • Streamlined process & journey
  • Leveraging user behavior data to target relevant communication

 Creative Strategy

  1.  Effective creatives
  • Different type of creative campaigns deployed – Landing page based campaign, Form based mailer campaign
  • 500+ Creative, Subject Line and Publisher combinations tested annually to reach the best performing ones
  1. Super user experience
    1. Multiple LPs created to do A/B testing
    2. Mobile intuitive Landing pages
    3. OTP Integrated Landing Page – Genuine Enquiries Only
  2. Smart buying strategy
    1. Direct Publisher Relationships – 100% Transparency
    2. Constant Publisher Development – 500+ Publishers reached out to over 12 months
    3. Active engagement with 100+ publishers
    4. Quick Publisher Feedback to maintain quantity & quality
    5. Bulk & advance inventory buying with performing publishers – showing them a secure revenue line
  3. Streamlined process & journey
    1. Optimized LP. Real time integration of enquiries with call center – helped in increasing connectivity of enquiries
    2. API Deployed for Real Time Lead Capture in call center CRM
    3. Mystery shopping and surprise checks of contact center to improve customer engagement and quality control
    4. Continuous feedback & audit of data Between the media buying and the call center team to insure quality leads
  4. Leveraging user behavior and data
  5. Using different creatives to chase users who dropped off at different stages of the prospecting process
  6. Re-engaging with users who opened and clicked the Email creative but did not complete lead submission

Innovation that drive Effectiveness / ROI Creative Tags/Snippets & other details

  • New creative formats like Form Based Mailers, Mobile Notifications were used
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence for prospecting – Lead Gen Chatbot
  • APIs for quick and accurate data flow campaign components
  • Real time feedback to publishers for campaign optimization
  • Multiple Creative + Subject Line combinations with various publishers
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