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Engaging top funnel users with Blog Content

Objective of the Campaign


  • Most insurance companies target bottom of the funnel prospects which creates a red ocean in terms of marketing in the insurance sector.
  • Client wanted a fresh approach to target the top of the funnel prospects to build a relationship based on trust and thought leadership and not on price based or scare selling.


The goal was to position the client as a trusted health partner to the customers to increase the awareness around health and wellness.


  • Identifying the right content pillars: Researching on what kind of content does the audience read in terms of Health and wellness through various sources and deciding on the topics which they can relate to the most.
  • Discoverability of the content: Making sure the content is found by the intended audience through various channels.
  • Ensuring the brand connect: Making sure that the content resonates brand values and objectives.

Campaign/Project End Result


  • Overall content consumption has gone up by 250% in just 3 months since launch
  • Time spent 2X of regular site pages
  • Newsletter open rate up by 25% – increasing brand touchpoints with existing customers
  • Traffic from social platforms has doubled

Strong interactions with prospects & customers will help build a stronger brand for the client

Overall Strategy


  1. Focus on content creation and building the blog.
  2. Reaching top-of-the-funnel prospects and understanding their interests.

Insurance is considered a boring & avoidable subject by most consumers. Leveraging content to get their attention was a challenge. Rather than reaching out to consumers to explain the product, we focused on health and wellness content as well as simple content which explained health insurance.

We looked at all the possible digital touch points including social, website emailers etc to reach out the messaging. The idea was to have simple, easy to consume formats to get the messaging across.

We decided to create a well-structured, user-intuitive Blog micro-site, built on identified key content pillars. Ensured that it is SEO friendly by use on-point tagging, back-linking, & right formats amongst other.

The primary focus was on improving Blog visibility, authored pieces, on-point key marketing through Outbrain etc. Most importantly focused on the content to ensure that there was no frivolous content or content which was easily available on other websites.

Creative Strategy

Once the content pillars were defined, we looked at formats that were likely to drive higher consumption.  For Livewell website, following content formats were adopted:

  • Topical Articles: for example, infographics around air pollution
  • Authored blog: We connected with subject matter experts
  • Multiple formats
  • Top carousel: updated with topical blog posts
  • Walk for Health: a section for the marquee event
  • Health and Wellness: Divided into diseases and workout
  • Easy to understand Health Insurance content
  • Conversion focused content – testimonial and premium calculator

Innovation that drive Effectiveness / ROI Creative Tags/Snippets & other details

Discoverability is as important as creating good quality content on the internet. With the kind of competition there is online, we tried to use multiple channels of distribution.

SEO: We followed the following SEO principles to be found easily on the internet.

  • Creating a more searchable and catchy title
  • Improving readability & formatting (headers, sub-headers, bullet lists and so forth)
  • Expanding on or exploring the topic in more depth.
  • Optimizing for page speed
  • Sharing original or new research
  • Using relatable images
  • Use targeted primary and secondary keywords

Newsletter: Monthly mobile friendly newsletters were sent out with a different theme each month with links leading to Livewell.

Social Shareability

  • We shared Livewell content on the client’s social media channels to increase reach
  • Whatsapp short messages with links to Livewell blogs
  • Linking back social posts to the website
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