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Excellence in Performance Marketing Reflected by Positive Sales Matrix

Objectives of the Campaign

  • Creating and delivering an End to End marketing solution for a health insurance client
  • Leveraging Digital Channels other than Google & Web Brokers
  • Addressing issues with Quality, Quantity and Consistency of Leads
  • Creating a 360° system – Sourcing, Sales, Feedback, Optimization

 Campaign/Project End Result

  • Conversion from Leads to Policy Sold was enhanced by 32%
  • Return on Ad Spends improved by 70%
  • Alternate Channel Distribution – Grew digital acquisition by 10%

 Overall Strategy

The main focus was to bridge the gap between media and call centre which were creating friction & inefficiencies. Media + Call Centre = End to End Performance Solution

4 stage performance framework was implemented:

  • Leveraging Digital Assets
  • Stitching End to End Process Including Tele-Assist
  • Supply Optimization – Input Quality
  • Tech Smarts

 Creative Strategy

Client’s team was using same creatives for weeks before we began our engagement. We emphasised the point that creatives play an extremely vital role in case of a performance campaign and implemented the following:

  1. Leveraging Digital Assets
  • Customised creatives and Landing Pages were made (Combination of 30 new Mailer sets were used every month – up from 1 every 3 months)
    • Evolving Mobile Platforms
      • SMS
      • Chatbot
      • Notification
    • Supply Optimization
  1. Stitching End to End Process Including Tele-Assist
  • Generating Leads
  • In-House Call Centre for Real Time Processing of these leads
  1. Supply Optimization – Input Quality
  • Categorization of Publishers basis the performance of leads sourced from them
  • Quick optimization and fast Start/Stop decisions based on the feedback
  • Constant addition of new publishers

 Innovation that drive Effectiveness / ROI Creative Tags/Snippets & other details*

  • Brining media generation & lead processing (Call Center) under one setup to reduce media inefficiencies and enable real time optimization of media campaigns for best ROI on ad spends
  • Multiple APIs deployed for Fast & Accurate Data Flow between Processes
  • Sourcing API – to transfer leads from Media to Lead Management System (LMS) real time
  • Dialer API – to transfer leads from LMS to Call Center Dialer real time
  • Feedback API to send leads feedback (disposition data) from Dialer to LMS
  • Status Update API to get status of every lead back from Advertiser’s CRM
  • Chase Process for Journey Completion
  • Automates SMS & Email sent to customers, encouraging them to complete the journey
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