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#Introducing… SVG Columbus

New Delhi:

In April this year, we welcomed SVG Media, one of the largest independent digital agencies in India, to the Dentsu Aegis Network family. SVG Media will join the network’s Asia Pacific digital marketing agency Columbus, becoming SVG Columbus, and further strengthening our leading search position in the market.

We spent some time with Anurag Gupta, CEO of SVG Columbus, and asked a few questions to find out a little more about the people behind the brand…

So, Anurag Gupta, tell us what you do!

My name is Anurag Gupta and I’m the CEO of SVG Columbus. I have over 20 years of experience working across diverse industries from FMCG, Office Automation, to Stock Broking, Media & Internet. I’ve been working in the Internet space for over 15 years now.

Currently as the CEO of SVG Columbus, I’m leading the business activities for brands like DGM, SeventyNine and Komli.

What does SVG Columbus specialise in?

SVG Media specialises in Performance, Mobile In-app, Social, Data Targeting, Rich Media and Supply Representations.

Which markets do you operate in?

We currently operate in India, South East Asia and the Middle East.

What did you know about Dentsu Aegis Network before you joined?

I have always known Dentsu Aegis Network for its innovation and expertise & capabilities in media, digital and creative communications services. The kind of reputation that Dentsu Aegis has built for itself over the years in the global space is commendable. The group excels in using today’s media mix in the best way to build the right communication strategy for its clients.

It’s also exciting to see how Dentsu Aegis Network is one of the fastest growing groups in India with a huge emphasis on digital.

What made you decide you wanted to be a part of the Network?

One Global Network and one P&L culture definitely makes it one of the best networks for an entrepreneur to join.

Dentsu Aegis Network’s vision, ‘Innovating the way brands are built’, and its commitment towards innovative and strategic planning, as well as their ambitious effort to pioneer in the field, has been extremely impressive.

The fact that it delivers unmatched results to its clients along with its global reputation was a key factor for our decision.

What are you most looking forward to as a new member of the group?

I’m looking forward to meeting international leaders and exchanging ideas for new products and offerings that can be introduced in the Indian market. I want us to build something truly cutting edge in the digital domain.

Since our aim has also revolved around providing a premium service to our clients, it will be a great experience synchronizing our expertise and working towards some ambitious goals together.

What are your key priorities for this year?

To establish SVG Columbus brand as a leading digital player in the Indian market and to make sure that we meet our growth and revenue targets.

If you could summarise Dentsu Aegis Network in one word?


And finally… if your brand could be a Netflix show for the day, what would it be called?

“The Future of Digital”

Full Article: https://medium.com/dentsu-aegis-network/introducing-svg-columbus-cda55550dd27https://www.impactonnet.com/impact-feature/the-acquisitions-gameplan-how-it-makes-sense-for-dan-5273.html

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