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Measles and Rubella Vaccination Campaign

Client wanted to make use of Innovative Digital Media solutions and proactive campaign management to attain 100% immunization target of the Measles Rubella Vaccination (MR) campaign in the state of Telangana. Columbus India gained knowledge about the environment and how the target customers will react to the situation. We then harnessed the power of data, performance, experience, social and content to deliver 100% result committed to our client.

Objectives and Challenges:

  • Creating awareness amongst parents & teachers to drive vaccination for children
  • Ensure near 100% vaccination coverage for the Telangana Campaign
  • Counter negative sentiments/messages in the state and create a positive perception
  • Strategize and execute ORM for the Campaign


State the overall strategy of the campaign

  1. Used data of schools, teachers, principals and parents for demographic targeting
  2. Used social listening to track negative news & voices as they break out
  3. Digital content & media approach:
    1. Content
      1. Bi-Lingual website created in English & Telugu
      2. Presence made on Facebook & Twitter
    2. Social Media Management:
      1. Post promotion to counter negative sentiments
      2. Celebrity videos to spread positive messages
  • Factoids from Government and celebrities to quell negative news
  1. Paid Media Management
    1. Demographic targeting to reach relevant sections of society
    2. Voice calls (IVR) to reach internet dark people
  • SEARCH to reach contextually relevant audiences
  1. Geo targeting for reaching out to areas with negative voices
  2. Pages having Google AdWords option with fake news were shown positive messages (banners)
  3. Shown positive Ads to People searching for Fake/negative keywords on Google

Campaign Execution

  1. Social Media and Online Reputation Management:
    1. Set up a COMMAND CENTRE in Hyderabad for real time monitoring of negative NEWS across Social media and more than 90,000 other online publications
    2. Always on Listening & Monitoring system alerted us to signs of trouble as they broke out.
    3. Acted fast the moment we heard any negative voices, identified the geography and carpet bombed the affected area using various paid media channels
    4. 86 FB posts & 110 Tweets were promoted in 25 days of the campaign


  1. Paid Media Management
    1. Reached 13 million users online by using Google Search, GDN, YouTube, Native networks, Facebook and Twitter
    2. Promoted Half a million Voice calls (IVR) to reach internet dark audiences
  2. Content Creation and Distribution
    1. Native advertisement & Social Media used to promote the website content extensively

Campaign Creativity & Innovation

  • Creative Strategy flowed around the core concept of creating awareness about the disease and ensuring every child was protected. The main communication plank taken was #FightMeaslesRubella & #Every Child
  • Since 70% of the population of the state lived in rural areas and spoke 3 different languages we decided to go in for local language videos
  • We made use of IVRS based voice calls to reach out to Internet dark rural audiences
  • Leveraged capabilities of various media platforms like Google Search & GDN for promoting positive messages alongside negative articles


State the results of the campaign

  • Negative/Fake news were managed without any of them going out of hand
  • The campaign reached a whopping 13 million users online
  • More than a half a million video views were garnered
  • Achieved video view time of more than 99,000 hours on an aggregate level
  • Drive culminated with 9 million children getting vaccinated and helped achieve near 100% vaccination
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