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Driving Customer Enquiries for a leading health insurance company in India

Performance marketing sits at the core of client’s digital media strategy. Their partnership with Columbus was based on delivering higher efficacies on the marketing budget. Columbus built and deployed technologies and systems that allowed client a single visual view of the entire performance journey. Right from strategy planning to campaign setup, the journey was aligned with the singular objective of delivering better performance.

Objectives and Challenges:

  • Our client was seeking increase in user enquiries
  • Digital channels outside of Google not yielding desired RoAS

State the overall strategy of the campaign

Digital Supply solution was implemented for our client which included the following:

  • “Digital enhancement solution”: Implemented this to identify new digital channels for increasing website traffic
  • “Communication & Engagement framework” used to enhance content and creative for better user engagement and journey
  • Implemented “streamlined acquisition process” for improving conversions

Campaign Execution

Our client historically used only one set of creatives for the entire campaign duration. We suggested and implemented the following:

  1. Communication and Engagement Framework
  • OTP implementation was done on landing page
  • Redesigned Landing Pages to an intuitive Mobile first Design philosophy with seamless user experience
  • Combination of over 100 mailer sets were used every month
  • 50+ new banner creatives were used for Facebook every month
  • Introduced Seasonal creatives – this helped us in reducing the creative fatigue and drive more customer engagement
  1. Digital Supply enhancement solution was innovatively implemented
    • Facebook in-lead campaign introduced for generating enquiries
    • USSD promotion was introduced to increase customer enquiries through mobile
    • Web notification was enabled to re-engage the bounced users
    • Exclusive Aggregator channel was activated
    • Native ads were promoted to generate enquiries
    • Geo-targeted SMS were promoted to increase enquiries from focused cities
    1. Acquisition Process
    • API layer for porting Social Media leads into the Call Centre CRM was deployed
    • Real time integration of enquiries with call canter helped in increasing connectivity of enquiries
    • Continuous audit of data Between the media buying and the call centre team ensured quality leads
    • Mystery shopping and surprise checks of contact centre was implemented to improve customer engagement

    Campaign Creativity & Innovation

    1. INPUT:
    • New cost effective traffic channels were used
    • 50x Increase in no of creatives
    • Implemented quality checks on Lead Generation pages like OTP verification for ensuring better quality


    1. PROCESS
      1. Reduced TAT of the time Customer made an enquiry to the call to less than 5 minutes
      2. The above was done by integrating the leads with the call center CRM
      3. Audited the TATs by making frequent mystery shopping calls

    Feedback from call center was automated through API and was used to optimize the sourcing on a near real time basis

    State the results of the campaign

    • Over delivered on all short to midterm KPIs
    • Mid to long term achievements:
      • Conversion from lead to policy sold was enhanced by 3 times
      • Client’s return on Ad Spends increased by 150%
      • Grew acquisitions from digital channels by 10%
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