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Creating Alternate Performance Digital Channels for a market leading health insurance player

The traditional digital channels (Search, Social, Email) used by the client were not adding incremental growth. Columbus India was approached to give them a solution for new user acquisition. Our approach was to look at alternate digital channels to broaden the customer acquisition funnel. We harnessed the power of data, performance, experience, social, SMS, Content among others to deliver fresh prospects to the client.

Objectives and Challenges:

  • The traditional digital channels (Search, Social, Email) used by our client were stagnating and they wanted to add new digital media channels
  • The objective was to identify, execute and optimized new digital channels to broaden the funnel and deliver additional customer acquisition

Agency Strategy

  1. Identified 6 New Alternate Digital Supply Channels:
  • SMS and USSD were used extensively to reach out to users in tier 2 cities
  • Web Notifications helped in user engagement and enquiry generation as we could re-target the user with limited spends primarily on mobile
  • Classifieds and Co-registrations were used for enquiry generation and conversions
  • Chatbot with AI was used as an extension to the SMS campaign, which helped with sticky customer engagement and subsequent conversions


  1. Smart Integrations:
  • API integration of all channels to automate the process of enquiries reaching the call centre instantly
  • Real time tracking and feedback received from call centre integrated back with the lead source – this helped us in optimizing the source and the channels
  • Specific Call to Action for each channel – Click2call, Chabot, Inlead etc.
  • Dynamic creatives were used for each channel which helped optimize performance and reduce campaign fatigue


  1. Special focus was given to the creative strategy.
  • Custom creatives for each new channel were created to engage potential customers
  • Dynamic creatives customized to cater to different Audience segments
  • Seasonal creatives were used to help in increasing the contextuaity of the creatives
  • Integrated specific Call to Action creatives for specific channels – Click2call, Chabot, Inlead etc.

The above approach ensured efficiencies thereby increasing user engagement and conversions.

Agency Execution:

  • The 6 new media channels were implemented in phases – SMS, USSD, Web Notifications, Chatbot, Co-registrations and Classifieds
  • TWO-WAY API integration to track lead to policy purchase
  • Cohorts were created for lookalike audience with the help of user data
  • Unique creative used for promotion on each channel
  • Separate creative/technology/analytics integration for each channel
  • Call Center Feedback pushed back to optimize the campaign



  • The success of the campaign was based on two Innovative strategies: Media and Smart technology integration
  • Smart Technology Integration: It was essential to add a technology layer on top of media channels to increase the efficiency and automate the entire process flow. This helped create an additional nudge value to the tune of 15% above the past enquiry volumes and improved the conversion rate significantly
  • Out of the 6 Media channels used: Web Notifications and Chatbot were the top converting channels from an ROI perspective


  • Projected vs Delivered: Conversion rates overall was a whopping 35% higher than the projected numbers
  • The new user acquisition created an additional nudge value to the tune of 15% above the past volumes
  • Buoyed by the performance, Our client increased their ad spends on these alternate channels significantly on a sustained basis


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