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Fuelling the interest of major digital players such as Twitter, Lumosity, Buzzfeed and the Gilt Group, a New York based start-up is making waves in the digital space, managing to secure an impressive client portfolio in their preliminary business stage.

With BuzzFeed and Twitter dubbing the start-up’s latest concept as the new office water cooler, it’s a movement that’s capturing the hearts and minds of the industry’s top trend-setting elites.

The Lightbulb Moment

Unlike quality cafés, coffee supplies and equipment available in offices tend to be generic and frankly, boring. Queue Joyride.

Put simply, Joyride Coffee is a distribution service that provides corporate offices with specialty coffee supplies. The idea was conceived when the Belanich brothers recognised the opportunity to transform an accepted norm into a market-niche.

Tech Cocktail NYC states:

‘As tech rises and falls, Joyride caters to an industry that has a never-ending appetite and seemingly runs on coffee. And in the fierce battle over tech talent, it’s another office perk – no pun intended – to help draw software engineers’.

The business works by sourcing supplies from popular single-origin roasters such as Stumptown and provides the delivery within 48 hours of roasting.

More recently, Joyride flipped the corporate coffee game on its head when they introduced the cold-brew keg delivery service in 2013.

What’s in a cold brew keg you ask? Inside each five gallon keg is brewed-to-order iced coffee which is housed in a self-contained cabinet. The self-serve stations are also fitted with a beer tap handle for pouring enjoyment.

Riding the Wave

Making up a third of the $32 billion U.S coffee production market, the ‘third wave’ coffee movement is a trending business model that is seeing tremendous growth.

The San Francisco Bay area’s fastest growing gourmet roaster, Blue Bottle Coffee recently rounded up $25.75 million in additional funding from some of the most powerful people in the tech world. Well known investors included Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom and Twitter’s Evan Williams. This comes only two years after the artisanal coffee chain raised $20 million from firms that included Google Ventures.

Joyriding to Success

Although Joyride is yet to seek venture backing, the company managed to achieve substantial revenue and business growth independently in 2014, with revenue estimated at the million dollar mark– up a significant $600,000 from 2013.

As manifested by their Forbes’ 2015 30 under 30 ranking, what makes this start-up such a success is that theyactively seek to connect with the wider community.

David Belanich notes in Business Insider Australia that one of the main reasons clients flock to the tech world is due to the similar laid-back company culture that Joyride shares with the digital world.

‘We like to support entrepreneurship in New York since we’re part of that community… I think that’s why they respond so well to us. We’re enthusiastic about what they do’.

Synergise, Energise & Inspire

Joyride’s new sense of business thinking and product re-invention breeds new life into something so simple that has become so much more than just getting a daily dose.

Jadon Stewart, Experience Manager at Columbus notes:

‘One of the main reasons I love the technology and digital landscape is because I genuinely believe that almost anything is possible when synergising on and offline experiences for brands. Joyride, with their slick website, innovative technology and unique product offering support this theory whilst raising the bar in respect to introducing new business concepts’

So coffee connoisseur or not, here’s fuel for thought: how do you attract the world’s elite tech and digital start-ups? In Joyride’s case, it’s simply providing caffeine to cultivate productivity and creativity; proving that sometimes a simple idea is all it takes to create a movement.

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